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Creating Sex Positive Spaces

20 januari 2018 @ 19:00 – 21 januari 2018 @ 01:00
Locatie A

Creating Sex Positive Spaces is a lecture by Felix Ruckert. Afterward we will have a play party.

Sex positive spaces are necessary to create bonds and to better understand love and relations. Sex positive spaces fight sexism and prevent violence and abuse. Sex positive spaces enable personal empowerment and deconstruct gender stereotypes. How can we create those spaces who allow us in all safety to fully exist as sexual beings?

Dancer and choreographer Felix Ruckert comes to our space to share his vision of a sex positive culture, to encourage a space of free expression and to facilitate a very direct, yet elegant and sophisticated approach to the sexual body.

To Ruckert, the right of ecstasy is fundamental, the freedom to take body, mind and soul to their limit is essential, the questioning of identity through mind-altering experiences is necessary. Conflict and violence is based inside ourselves, injustice and repression reflects the restrictions of the collective consciousness. Training fluidity is resistance against the ideology of product and profit, it enables the dissolution of the rigidity of economics that a capitalism gone crazy imposes upon the individual.

Felix will do a lecture and/or performance and will summon the guests to discuss his ideas. There will be some practical examples of the work, and maybe some play as well. The guests are invited to come, see and touch the work of one of the most influential Berliner artists, whose focus became the development of magic fields: worlds in the world, temporary autonomous zones, spaces where the usual codes of conduct are suspended to allow more gentle, open, direct and free interactions between human beings.

Felix Ruckert, former Pina Bausch dancer, shook up the dance world with participatory performances and radical scenic explorations in the late nineties and provoked a scandal at the Biennale of Venezia in 2007. He initiated xplore and other festivals on Conscious Kink and Creative Sexuality and from 2007 – 2016 facilitated the enchanted performance venue schwelle7 in Berlin. More about Felix:

Space Program is proud and honoured to welcome Felix in our location in Amsterdam. The program of this evening will be:

19:00 doors open
20:00 lecture by Felix
21:30 time to change
22:00 play party
1:00 end of the night

This is a special event created by Felix himself. He has asked us to keep it free of charge, and to ask for donations instead. All donations will be used to cover the cost of the evening: things like heating and drinks.

Non-alcoholic drinks and some snacks will be provided. If you would like to drink alcohol please bring it along yourself. You can share it with others but not charge money for it.

Felix will also teach a workshop on Sunday the 21st. Read more about this workshop here.

If you would like to attend this event please send an email to and tell us a little bit about yourself. We will send invites through email on the 20th of December. Because this is a free event we may have more people who want to go than the venue can handle, if that happens and we have to make choices we will try and invite people who are organizers or volunteers in the bdsm community, so we can hopefully all learn something new about ways to create beautiful and safe sexpositive spaces.